Book alex rider stormbreaker

Readers will cheer for alex rider, the 14yearold hero of british author horowitzs spy thriller the first in a projected series. Anthony horowitz lot 7 alex rider paperbacks stormbreaker. Stormbreaker is the first book in the alex rider series, written by british author anthony horowitz. His works include the alex rider series, sherlock holmes and james bond novels and foyles war for television. The book starts at ian riders alexs uncle funeral because he died in a car crash. In this book we are introduced to a fourteen year old boy named alex. Stormbreaker alex rider book 1 english edition ebook. The book was released in the united kingdom on the 4th of september 2000, and in united states release on 21st of may 2001, where it became a new york times bestseller. Asked in books and literature, mystery books, alex rider where is the stormbreaker headquarters in the book stormbreaker. Stormbreaker anthonyhorowitz funeralvoices whenthedoorbellringsatthreeinthemorning itsnevergoodnews alexriderwaswoken. When his guardian and uncle, ian, is mysteriously killed, al. The adventures of a reluctant teen spy on his missions to save the world.

Everything starts when alexs uncle and caretaker, ian rider, is killed in a car accident. Stormbreaker is the very first novel in the alex rider series, a collection of books that left the imagination of my ten year old wannabespy self. The first alex rider book brings you into a whole new world of spies actual licensed teenage spies. Stormbreaker is written by anthony horowitz, the author of the power of five and many other books. Top secret mission stormbreaker alex rider by mrs turners songs. Darrius sayle has the headquarters for making the stormbreakers in port. Meet alex rider, an average british teenager whose life is about to seriously change. Alex was now 16 and had recently lost both of his parents in a plane and was now living with his uncle ian rider. Stormbreaker is a young adult actionadventure book written by british author anthony horowitz, and is the first novel in the alex rider series. Alex only gets more suspicious after he meets his uncles bank coworkers, who all seem like they have something to hide. Alex is devastated by the news and worried about his future, but he has questions about the official storynothing seems to add up. In the first book in the number one bestselling alex rider series by anthony horowitz, fourteenyearold alex is forcibly recruited into mi6. Alex rider stormbreaker is written by anthony horowitz is a fictional book about a teenager sent under cover for the mi6 agency. Stormbreaker when mi6 recognizes his potential, alex rider is armed with secret gadgets and sent on his first mission.

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