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Both modifications obtain the same result, except that the software modification will be disabled if the radio is hardreset. Yaesu vx 5 r vx 5 r vx5r use nokia 7110 belt clip yaesu vx 5 r vx 5 r vx5r tx frequency expansion yaesu vx 5 r vx 5 r vx5r expanded range yaesu vx 5 r vx 5 r vx5r pc software marscap or freeband mods yaesu vx 5 r vx 5 r vx5r expanded frequency yaesu vx 5 r vx 5 r vx5r some modification does not work. The vx 3r is the most popular hacker radio by far, the firmware has been reworked to allow frequency hopping as well as several other functions not legit on an amateur radio. Listed under the radio equipmentvhfuhf handheldsyaesu vx 7r category that is about yaesu vx 7r resources.

The software modification can be made with the vx commander software through a data interface cable. Load this file into commander select advancedmods and tick enable software mods. If you own the vx7r transceiver, which is the first amateur handheld to. It can be a pain sometimes googling and jumping through hoops in finding software or utilities that should already be shipped with our gears ie. Spreadsheet layout with many point and click options. The detailed properties of the ic can be downloaded in. Check the approximate power levels on all bands after modification. This version currently only works with the us model. Modifications for the yaesu vx 5r vx 5r expanded txrx mod 1.

This link is listed in our web site directory since saturday aug 29 2009, and till today yaesu vx 6r modifications has been followed for a total of 2511 times. The main category is yaesu vx 6r that is about yaesu vx 6r. Commander select advancedmods and tick enable software mods. Fusion on a dvmega or zumspot then download andy taylors excellent pistar free software. Using the hardware method, you would need to remove some small solder. Of course you can open it completely, so the vx 1r will always have full coverage. The combo includes a full featured 16 page spiralbound minimanual, plus a trifolded reference card for your wallet. See also the site of walter, hb9zs for ft950 and ft2000 software. Please feel free to vist this page for all your needs of actual yaesu publications. Close up photo of the vx 7r s modification solder jumper area notice the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 printed on the circuit board. Do you have any tricks, modifications or constructions for homebrewed equipment that are not on mods. View and download yaesu vx7r operating manual online. However, using the vx7 commander software method will save you.

The yaesu vx series is a line of two sequences of compact amateur radio handheld. The model is an expb3 that seems to have been manufactured this year. The yaesu vx8r ht provides a full 5 watts fm on 50144430 mhz plus 1. You can do this in two ways, using a hardware method or a software method. But, people are doing unusual mods, and in the interest of experimenting i like to see what is happening.

The optional fgps2 unit is required automatically display your station information. Yaesu vx7 r vx 7 r vx7r user and service manual, modifications. Rt systems adms1g programming software makes it easy to manage memory channel information and other menu settings of the yaesu vx 7. Jul 18, 2017 hello, im new to this forum and know someone here will be able to explain to me what the term freeband and marscap mods are, i have a yaesu vx7r and have downloaded the commander program and when i download the freeband i only have 2 or 3 bands to switch between and when i download the. About yaesu vx 6r modifications the resource is currently listed in in a single category. Now, alan is suggesting me to build a diode detector envelope am detector, or we its called, so i can verify if the waveform is an actual am. There are many instructions to widen the vx 1rs coverage. Not only can mods be performed without modifying the circuit board on the radio, but its. With this software you can reconfigure your vx 1r any time without any hardware modifications, provided that only jumper 1 is set inside the unit.

Downloads i have collected a few downloadable programs i personally use for my radios. Window programming software kit for the vx 7 handheld radio. Quick reference card for yaesu vx7r, courtesy w5jck yaesu vx7r. If you own the vx 7r transceiver, which is the first amateur handheld to be submersible, you may wish to modify it to enable transmission on mars and caps frequencies. As a system that includes the rt systems programming software and cable, we can guarantee that you will successfully program your radio from the computer. Join the vx7r yahoo group and download the britain. Expensive, even used, supersuper bad belt clip, gets really hot, too hard to adjust settings, poor quality rxtx audio. Yaesu vx 7r operators manual vx 7r operators manual. Free radio programming software for the yaesu vx7 and vx7r. Access the worldwide standard aprs system to exchange your positions and messages. I just bought a vx 7r on ebay from a reseller in hong kong. That and radios that are built for the amateur service are rarely acceptable for use anywhere outside the amateur service. I use vx7 commander to first perform a software mars mod, and then read the vx 7r into rtsystems software, program the radio with the rtsystems software, and the software mars mod still works. Yaesu vx7 r commander download pdf user manual for yaesu vx7 r vx 7 r vx7r.

You may want to check out more software, such as wing commander. The beginners guide to software defined radio rtlsdr. Click here to write a new message or comment for vx 1r note that the message is not related to any article click here to see the article list for vx 1r. Vx7r minimanual and trifolded reference card combo. No need to worry about programming cables or software with this repeater as this is all done via the. Click here to download the amateur equipment catalog. The download area is the result of an active cooperation between the radioamateur. I tried to unlock the tx band freeband using the great vx7 commander software but i faced a problem.

I use my ht a lot and i had a vx 7r for a couple of years. Vx110 vx150 programming software download radioaficion. Vx7r and softmod with vx7 commander worldwidedx radio forum. Yaesu free freeware yaesu download free yaesu software. Yaesu vx5 r vx 5 r vx5r user and service manual, modifications. Vx7 radio programming software yaesu radio software. Icom and tentec hf and yaesu vx7r vhf uhf handheld. Correct me if im wrong, but aircraft radio systems are all still am, and the vx 8dr only transmits fm outside of the 6 meter band. Soon after the release of the vx 7r a design flaw was discovered related to the radios waterproof housing. The vx 7r is available in both silver vx 7r and black vx 7rb versions. Secret ops, command log book or command flight planner, which might be related to vx 7 commander. The rt systems adms1g radio programming system includes the rt systems vx 7 programming software for the yaesu vx 7 radio and the rt systems usb57b cable.

I use vx7 commander to first perform a software mars mod, and then read the vx7r into rtsystems software, program the radio with the. Users have reported that this download is compatible with the indicated operating systems but an x does not necessarily mean it isnt. Memory storage press vm for vfo mode, tune the receive frequency. Software for use with these interfaces is available free from the internet and is covered in the. Because the radio uses softwarebased jumpers, it is not necessary to open the. Downloaded the radio contents to commander to prove it was connected. Vx7 commander download a modifications program for amateur.

In the software mod menu, theres a button for dummies labeled freeband. Having recently acquired a yaesu vx7r handheld with a heavyweight manual and. The vx8r supports 12009600bps aprs data communications b band only. View and download yaesu vx 7r operating manual online. Vx 7 commander is a programming software for the yaesu vx 7 and vx 7r. Quick reference card for yaesu vx 7r, courtesy w5jck. Vx75r computer interface g4hfq radio programming software. Yaesu vx7 r vx 7 r vx7r modifikation tx in german with picture yaesu vx7 r vx 7 r vx7r homebrew smd interface. Sixteen highquality laminated pages, loaded with detailed instructions. Aug 19, 2009 well, i finally ordered my vx 7r and im waiting to get my hands on it. Yaesu vx 6 no squelch control solution and disassembly. Once this has been done the essential next step is to read from your rig in order to synchronise it with the software.

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