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An eye wash unit permanently connected to a continual source of potable water. Showers will be activated and flushed monthly by the owner to verify proper operation and run until the flushing fluid is clear. As the standard states, an eyewash andor safety shower would be required where an employees eyes or body could be exposed to injurious corrosive materials. The eyewash and shower station weekly inspection check list e. Inspection tag, for use with all bradley eyewash and. If nearing the due date, contact facilities management or the faculty representative to arrange for the semiannual inspection. If the eye wash station has protective caps, make sure they pop off automatically when the eye wash is turned. Emergency eyewash station weekly inspection checklist. Verify that your eyewash has been tested annually on the log or hang tag on the. Mounting bracket, inspection tag and preservative included change water every 90 days item no. This infosheet provides updated information on eyewash station hazards. Sinkmounted eyewash stations, also called plumbed eyewash stations, like the one your client would like to install, are permanently connected to a continual source of potable water. Repair procedures should follow the manufacturers installationoperation manual. Thats why alsco has created a range of eyewash station signs available for you to freely download.

As a global manufacturer, haws manufactures a wide range of emergency equipment to meet your specific project requirements. All eyeface wash stations are also verified monthly by ehs coordinator, and inspected annually by maintenance staff per ansi z358. Apply procedures for each unit in testing safety stations sections 5. Large heads to cover both eyes and face or regular size eye wash heads plus a face spray ring. If none of the materials used in this work area is an injurious corrosive chemical as indicated by the material safety data sheet msds for each product, then an emergency eyewash or. Halo eyewash or eyeface wash, operated by an ergonomic, highly visible push handle, provides effective wash down coverage and spray pattern. Health effects from contaminated water in eyewash stations eyewash stations used in workplaces must be maintained to prevent injury and illness to workers. If the showereyewash station is defective, tag as out of service and report to facilities management who.

All emergency eyewash and shower equipment, including drench hoses, drench hoseeyewash. Following established procedures let the water run for one minute to collect at least 1. Hm020 safety showers and eyewashes downloadable pdf. It must be suitable for flushing the eye with water and be in the immediate area.

If the unit does not operate as required, tag the unit out of service and. What are the osha requirements for sinkmounted eyewash. Speed of accessing an eyewash station could be the difference between permanent damage and no damage to your eyes. Strive to ensure that each unit is appropriately tagged for. Emergency eyewash and drench shower program environmental.

Looking for bradley inspection tag, for use with all bradley eyewash and drench shower units 1fbg4. Flow rate of the device will be conducted annually. Emergency shower checklist and eye wash station checklist. It is best just to follow oshas eye safety rules and regulations for eye wash stations than to risk losing an eye. During these inspections, the condition of the station as well as the flush fluid should be checked and noted. The flushing fluid of an eyewash or eyeface wash shall cover the areas between the interior and exterior lines of a gauge at some point less than 8 inches 20. Accuform trs245ctp pfcardstock inspection record tag, legendeye wash station inspection, 5.

Eye wash station definition of eye wash station by. Emergency eye wash and safety shower inspection form. Eyewash and safety showers iu ehs indiana university. Euronics emergency showers and eyewash stations provide onthespot decontamination. Keep weekly eyewash inspection log sheet for 3 years. For these types of stations, the standard recommends a water flow of 0. Streams of water meet in the middlesufficiently can reach user eyes of the eyewash. How to ensure your facility meets osha eyewash requirements. Eyewash inspection tags have a writeon surface and are printed on one side except where noted eyewash tags measure 3w x 534h tags read.

Standard eyewash or eyeface wash units save space and fit easily into any work environment. If there are any issues, tag unit out of service and call facilities at 2034326888 to request that the unit be repaired as soon as possible. Eyewash tags, eyewash station tags, eye wash tags seton. Eyewash tags are perfect for eyewash identification at the point of use. If working in a lab that has multiple occupants, have someone call 911 while you are flushing eyes, if alone flush eyes first. Tags are available free of charge from the safety office ext. Smartsign eye wash station inspection polyolefin tags. They allow workers to flush away hazardous substances that can cause injury. Simply pull handle to activate leaves hands free to. Emergency eyewash and shower equipment 1 scope this standard specifies minimum performance and use requirements for eyewash and shower equipment for the emergency treatment of the eyes or body of a person who has been exposed to materials which may cause injuries. Emergency shower and eye wash station requirements. Dualbottle eyewash station for temporary firstaid until injured individual can reach a larger unit.

Uline stocks a wide selection of wall mount eyewash stations and mounted eyewash. Maintain an inspection tag for this monthly testing. Free shipping every day select products ship free so you can get back to business. The area around a safety showereyewash station should be kept clear of obstructions. If the station fails to activate, the owner must remove it from service and notify esh immediately. Do not remove any safety features attached to equipment, inspection tags or repair required tags. The need for emergency eyewash and shower devices is real. Full sized showers and eyewash stations should be used in active workplaces with. Model s0420 wall mounted eyeface wash, plastic bowl o model. Eyewash station inspection inspection tags grainger. You should refer to the american national standard ansi z358. Eye wash station inspection tags creative safety supply. S0420 model s0420 is a wall mounted eyeface wash, with a plastic bowl, abs plastic eyeface wash spray heads, an inline strainer and a stayopen 12 ball valve with a push handle. Facilities management is responsible to ensure an appropriate tag is on all units.

Keep track of eye wash inspections with the eye wash station inspection tags. Valve activator must stay on unless manually turned off and must activate water flow in one second or less. Testing your emergency showers and eyewashes isnt just an. Attach an out of service tag to the eyewash station. If you know the location of an untagged eyewashshower or if a red repair tag is in place for an inordinate length of time please contact jeff schiller at 2659080. Is the area around the station clear of obstructions. Provide assistance, necessary equipment and inspection tags required to test emergency. Access to all emergency wash stations must remain clear of obstructions at all times. Emergency equipment showers and eyewash stations haws co. Haws 7501 portable eyewash station 9 gallon product code. Eye wash station inspection tag 1 eye washshower inspection label 1 eye washshower inspection record tag 2 eye washshower inspection tag 12 fire extinguisher inspection tag 2 inspection record label 1 inspection record tag 19 inspection tag 49 inspection tag by the roll 14 inspectiontest record tag 1 inventory tag 1. Needing just one water supply for activation, this fixture is a simple solution for any janitorial closet. Maintain and file the written inspection checklist inspection for all testing for auditing. The manual actuator triangle pull shall not be located more than 69 inches above the.

Emergency eyewash units are required in all areas where employees handle substances that are potentially injurious. Emergency shower and eye wash station requirements number 120 oshaansi eye wash station requirements the occupational safety and health administration osha has two different types of regulations, general and specific, which apply to emergency shower and eye wash station equipment designed to promote eye safety under certain work conditions. Emergency eyewashshower locations are clearly labeled. Wall mount eyewash station, mounted eyewash in stock uline. In order to allow workers to use the station for a full 15 minutes in the event of exposure to hazardous materials, the water should be delivered at a temperature of about 60 f to 100 f on demand. Our eyesaver sef9000 eyewash and service faucet has been designed to fit in nearly any janitorial closet. Eye wash stations provide safety measures for workplace hazards, walk in emergency units, hazardous waste handlers, and a variety of other environments. The safety showers andor eyewash stations must be located on the same level as the hazard.

Note the date and initial the inspection tags attached to the eye wash and. Every janitorial closet features harsh chemicals and cleaners that can cause serious injuries to the eyes if exposed. Emergency equipment every office should have speakman. Portable eyewash starter kit, ewds19921kit product code. Use eye wash tags to record important inspection information for emergency eyewash stations and showers. Eyewash station tags provide employees with instructions and information in areas where its most needed. Activate emergency eyewash to ensure proper operation.

The guidelines for emergency eyewash stations and safety. Bradley s19200b faucet mounted emergency eye wash station product code. Portable emergency eyewash station sas safety corp. A standalone eye wash device that contains its own flushing fluid that must be refilled or replaced after use. Water that is too cold will make the station uncomfortable to use, and water that is.

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